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The real agenda

I, like most Americans, celebrated the Republican victories of early November.  After these results all across the country the pundits said that the Democrats could lose the Senate and 70 seats in the House next year.  Catastrophic?  But the Democrats just seem to be yawning over such reports.  I think that I can almost understand their thinking and am going to lay it out here.

Reminder: During his 8 years in office Obama lost a lot of local elections and didn’t really care.  He had a long-term vision and was above those hardworking people at the grassroots level.  (There is even a video piece running around the internet where he says that the people are not smart enough to understand where he was headed or to rule themselves.)

The Democrats have written off the traditional hard working middle class.  Their goal is to eliminate the traditional middle class through taxes, mask and vaccination mandates, etc.  They have already reduced the working population through giveaways in the name of COVID relief.  The part of the population who have become dependent upon government largesse is increasing daily as they add refugees and illegal aliens and spread them around the country. 

If you listen to both Biden and before him Obama the goal has always been to get rid of the middle class.  They both have said that the people are incapable of governing themselves.  They need the help of Martha’s Vineyard elites, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and those smart government bureaucrats who mostly live in Northern Virginia.  (There may have been a small crack in that part of the ruling elite, but one election is not definitive.) (Readers will note that I excluded large corporations as most likely their shareholders may force them back to being almost politically neutral. )

Once the huge giveaways are passed and become law the Democrats’ idea is that even if the Republicans gain control of the government, they cannot take away the giveaways. Their hope is to have this all imbedded to create the dependency stage by early 2024.  This explains the push on the second of the two big bills in Congress right now. Eventually the gift givers will be returned to power.  Power over a few liberal elites, pockets of conservatives with some resources, and the masses who will beg for their next freebie.  The younger generation already has a significant number of buy me, get me, give me members.  The expectation is that that number will grow.

As part of this strategy energy development and complex manufacturing must be outsourced as the skilled labor required to accomplish such tasks will have been eliminated.  Is this the Achilles heel of the plan? Will those illegals and refugees who came to America for the American dream be willing to not be able to rise towards that dream?  How can you make it obvious to them that they are being denied?  Maybe some Hispanics who are voting more and more for Republicans understand this threat.  It is clear that they understand what cheaper alien labor means to their standard of living.  There are some blacks who are also figuring this out.

What is amazing is that Biden’s handlers do not even fear impeachment.  They are violating laws and judicial edicts and saying “so what” as they thumb their noses at the people who expect elected leaders to abide by the law.  They know even if they lose the 2022 elections and control on the Congress there will always be at least 34 Democratic senators to vote against impeaching Biden.  The fear of a Harris administration goes a long way in keeping at least 34 Senators in line.  Of course if she should be eliminated first?

Trump won in 2016 by appealing to the hard workers of America.  Any future Republican candidate will need to continue that theme.  In the interim the Democrat giveaway strategy must be shown to be bankrupt.  There will be rapes of kids in the new day care centers, there will be graft in the giveaways, and life will not be improving as promised.  These problems must be highlighted!  Every time a school teacher or administrator steps over the line those who protect them must be highlighted.  It is the failure of the giveaways that will do more than a lot of things to make reversal of such programs possible.

I know that there are many of you who are saying that this could never happen in America and others who are saying shame on you for exposing ‘the plan.” My hope is that both groups will think about what I have presented here and decide that America is better than this.  If that doesn’t happen the next likely scenario is some form of rebellion, as a I mentioned in my last article about mandates. 

This may come sooner rather than later if Americans awaken to the Democratic Plan.

What would happen if nobody took the freebies?

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