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Is “wokeism” on a decline?

Judicial Watch just released its freedom of information act (FOIA) data received from West Point.  The 600 pages of information provided include some slides from the Critical Race Theory Classes and other disturbing information.

I wrote in March of 2021 (right after the Biden Administration took office):

“Unfortunately, the search for “political correctness” has also entered the Service academies.  They are embracing critical race theory (CRT), which divides people with unresolvable accusations of “systemic racism.” Last year a group of “woke” alumni issued a 40-page manifesto demanding that West Point make “anti-racism” the central feature of the curriculum. Action items included statements from all white leaders “acknowledging how their white privilege sustains systems of racism.”  Is anti-racism going to win wars?  Is it going to allow graduates to protect and defend the constitution?

Nothing could be worse for morale and readiness than a toxic brew of racist suspicions and division being forced on participants for a full day.  Instead of intimidating servicemembers for expressing normal political beliefs, military leaders should investigate whether military personnel are being recruited by extremists on both ends of the spectrum, not just one.

They should also take an even-handed, honest look at all incidents of violent extremism, without promoting leftist extremism in pursuit of extremists.

We cannot let our military be destroyed by partisan hacks.”

I stand by what I wrote 18 months ago!  Probably more vehemently than I did then!

 Fortunately, the woke movement seems to be losing it energy in the Biden rapidly approaching recession.  The failure of most of the Biden administration’s policies has brought down much of the “wokeism” with it.  For example, the list of proposed new names for Army posts and camps to replace those with the names of Confederate generals may languish in Congress.  Many Democratic legislators are already in deep political trouble as the mid term elections approach and most likely will not want to anger any more constituents than they already have.  Conversely, they may just take an attitude that they are doomed to defeat and try and act.

The days when liberals were able to inflict damage on people by calling them “racist” seem to be coming to an end—they are ending because of their own absurdity.  One can hope that the backlash is a constructive and healing process. Companies like Disney are coming to the realization that being woke is not profitable (50% loss in stock value). History cannot be erased—it should be learned from.