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Ruining our military

The following is a letter that was sent to the Army Times on 14 March 2021.

I have been a subscriber to the Army Times for over 50 years and this is the first time I have to say that I am ashamed of your publication!  I am sure that you want to be politically correct and to appease the liberals who have temporarily taken over our government, but to relate a MAGA hat to extremism is a step too far.  What you are saying is that the over 70 million American who voted for Trump are extremists.  You should know better!

To become embroiled in the political witch hunt that is in vogue now in the hopes of eliminating lawful opposition should not be your position.  You should be protecting our honorable military from the political hacks, but instead you are facilitating them.  Again, I say shame on you!

                                      Cover of February 2021 Army Times                   

By the first week of April, all members of the military must take part in a highly unusual order from Secretary of Defense Austin. Unit leaders have been ordered to conduct a day-long “stand down” to discuss the threat of extremism and gather feedback from troops on the extent that racism and other hateful ideologies or anti-government sentiment have taken root in their cohort.

Unfortunately, the search for “political correctness” has also entered the Service academies.  They are embracing critical race theory (CRT), which divides people with unresolvable accusations of “systemic racism.” Last year a group of “woke” alumni issued a 40-page manifesto demanding that West Point make “anti-racism” the central feature of the curriculum. Action items included statements from all white leaders “acknowledging how their white privilege sustains systems of racism.”  Is anti-racism going to win wars?  Is it going to allow graduates to protect and defend the constitution?

Meanwhile, the Navy recently released its “Task Force One Navy” Final Report.  The 141-page document is filled with ideologically leftist vocabulary including “intersectionality,” “disparate impact,” and 338 variations of the word “diverse.” A five-point “TF1N Pledge” makes sailors and Marines promise to fight “racism, sexism, ableism, and other structural and interpersonal biases.” It does not mention operational readiness or mission accomplishment.  Isn’t that what we expect?

Nothing could be worse for morale and readiness than a toxic brew of racist suspicions and division being forced on participants for a full day.  Instead of intimidating servicemembers for expressing normal political beliefs, military leaders should investigate whether military personnel are being recruited by extremists on both ends of the spectrum, not just one.

They should also take an even-handed, honest look at all incidents of violent extremism, without promoting leftist extremism in pursuit of extremists.

We cannot let our military be destroyed by partisan hacks.


  1. colonelbruce says:

    Outstanding letter to The Army Times. They SHOULD be ashamed! Do you expect a response? Don’t hold your breath…

    I cannot believe what our world is coming to in 2021. I can only hope it’s a political trend that will run its course. Something tells me this is more than just a trend with a beginning and an end. I fear it is a very sophisticated plan from forces outside of our country. China, Russia, North Korea…all three? If George Soros, Big Tech and the Mainstream Media are the sources buying the “Biden Please Let Us In” t-shirts for the illegal immigrants – and stirring the overall collective pot, they need to stand trial and face the consequences. Unfortunately (and I can hardly believe I’m saying this) our FBI, CIA and DOJ cannot be trusted to do the investigation. Will they ever be trusted again?

    How can the Republican / Conservative party stand for this? What can we do? Will this play out in the coming months as a civil war? I don’t think we’re that far away from a bloody battle. One of the possible triggers may be the outcome of the George Floyd trial in 4-6 months.

    What can we do to stop this madness? I have never been on any social media platform for a reason. I think all social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) should be banned. I hate to propose in any way limiting our First Amendment right – but it is crystal clear our society cannot digest different points of view via social media – without weaponizing their responses or enabling the persecution of the views they do not agree with. We tried it … it went well for a while … it has exploded in our faces.

    As for military’s part in all of this – you’re 100% right. It’s ALL about the mission: Fight and win. Not sure how I would respond to the type of “training” they are mandating right now. I was a good soldier for 20 years – I would probably salute and suck it up. But in my own mind, which was never in their control, I would be seething. I would lose respect for all military leadership that made me kneel on the altar of wokeness. I would feel betrayed by my country. I believe most of my military “friends of color” (which I had many) – would be extremely embarrassed by the edicts and orders being levied on their Caucasian brothers and sisters.

    Bruce – Have you ever remembered a time of such division – to this degree and complexity? If so, what happened to stop the division?


  2. colonelbruce says:

    In reply to the above.
    I do not expect the Army Times to post the letter.
    The most tumultuous period that I remember was in the aftermath of Vietnam. Drugs and racial issues were tearing our military apart. BUT we had some great leaders who were still WW II vets like Creighton Abrams. It took 20 years to recover from that. The proof was the Gulf War I.


  3. Steven J Cavadini says:

    Also joined the Army in the post-Vietnam era (1972). In addition to some excellent senior leaders still serving, there was ample opportunities for someone like me that wanted to prove myself. Due to shortages of personnel, if you showed a little drive and initiative, plenty of challenges were available. I was a tank commander (a Staff Sergeant position) as a PFC (acting Sergeant). I’m not saying I was that good…just that increased responsibility was plentiful. Yes, drug usage and racial issues were plentiful. However, many of the combat units tended to handle them better. Korea in 1974 to 1976 had a real world mission which allowed leaders to better focus their Soldiers. Add to that leaders like MG Henry Emerson (The Gunfighter) who showed us what it meant to be a Soldier. Honestly, I miss serving but am glad I’m not on active duty now.

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  4. colonelbruce says:

    We both served in some tumultuous times but it was young soldiers like you that helped rebuild our Army.


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