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The “new” Democratic Party

Does anyone else remember Eugene McCarthy?  He was the Democratic Party nominee for President against Richard Nixon in 1968.  Two things to remember:

  1. He was the candidate of the anti-war liberal movement of 1968
  2. He was totally destroyed during the election as was his political base.

And the political destruction of the radical elements in the then Democratic Party was totally acceptable to the party leaders. They were opposed to the agenda of the leftists of that era.  Mayor Daly of Chicago and other traditional Democrats understood that mob rule could get out of control and then all that they had worked for would be gone.

The question one must ask is whether we are seeing another McCarthy like episode.  The powerful people behind the Democratic Party may be paying lip service to the radical socialist agenda of the current campaign of Joe Biden.  This would follow the McCarthy model of appeasing the mob without giving it power.

Even stalwarts like Donna Brazil are speaking softly about the Biden – Harris ticket.  If one thinks about the question of why Kamala Harris became the candidate he can only conclude that part of destroying the liberal wing of the party is to eliminate the most liberal Senator—Kamala Harris- from the national dialogue.

When the election is over the main line Democrats will reemerge without the Soros funded baggage to reestablish a reasonable alternative to the Republican Party.

Will Schumer and Pelosi survive?  Maybe—they payed sufficient lip service at the beginning in opposing the socialist left that they might have some credibility that will allow them to move back to the center.

Time will establish this truth.

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  1. Jaime Taronji, Jr. says:

    You are kidding. There is no comparison between then and now. You really can’t be supporting a president that constantly lies, blames others for his misdeeds, treats women like sex objects. What bothers me most, and should bother you, too, as former Army officers, that our commander-in-chief is not protecting our troops who are being targeted by Putin. He turns his back on our allies and likes dictators. And he thinks that white supremacists are good people. I don’t understand why evangelicals support someone who has no religious principles.


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