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World War II–75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe

Tomorrow (May 8) is the 75th anniversary of victory in Europe in World War II. This was the war of your father or grandfather. My father was killed in Sicily almost 77 years ago. Others have stories to tell.
To commemorate this great event I am providing the video at {https://youtu.be/eNx-4mIJMuw}. It is from the Johnny Vet: Freedom Isn’t Free – A Veteran’s Musical Journey Through History, performed by the West Point Alumni Glee Club in November of 2017.
If you know a World War II vet please share it with him.


  1. Lee Austin says:

    Thanks for sharing that great tribute to WWII vets.


  2. johnbalanco says:

    Fathers of:

    Bruce B G Clarke,

    John J. Balanco

    God bless our fathers and all others of the “Greatest Generation.”

    We will always honor them!


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