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The Second American Civil War

Much as pundits don’t want to say America is currently fighting its second Civil War, it is in fact the pundits of the left that are inciting this war.

The days of classic liberals and progressives like Hubert Humphrey, who loved America are gone!  They have been replaced by advocates of socialism at the least extreme and Antifa and those that seek a violent overthrow of the country at the greater extreme.

The far left does not seem to have an end state—just throw all of the bastards out and some utopia will follow. This movement seeks to silence all those who would oppose them or expose them for what they really are.

The open borders movement seeks to accomplish the overthrow and movement to socialism by changing the demographic electorate to win the civil war at the ballot box.  In the process they will force a movement towards socialism as the uneducated and unemployable immigrants require large degrees of government support in terms of the basics of life:  This will become the model for the rest of society.  This will be paid for by the ever increasing taxes on the capital producers.

The capital producers, such as the Koch Brothers and their fellow economic barons, favor open borders so that they can have low labor costs.  At first glance this would seem to be an anachronism.  However, as the creators of capital their expectation is that they will always be needed to make the system work.  The same might be said of liberal politicians, movie stars, sports athletes and others who feel that their skills make them irreplaceable.  But they don’t create capital.  They create personal wealth and may in fact find themselves as early targets of those who find governmental largess insufficient.

Many rail against President Trump for seeking to close the borders and for challenging the world elites over trade and other issues.  Could it be that he is increasing the isolation of the US to reduce the influence of the partners of the left in Europe and elsewhere?  A common battlefield technique is to isolate your enemy.

The Chinese and the Russians see this as an opportunity and appear to be stirring up both sides to increase the internal pressure in America.  In doing this they support any side that is seeking to destroy the Judo-Christian values that this country was founded on.  Claims of racism, sexual domination by one sex or the other and such are dsigned to divide, though their excuse is equality.  The lack of the teaching of history or studying the masters like Bach and Shakespeare are other examples of the tearing down of traditional values.  Colin Kapenack is made to be a hero because he opposes the national anthem and the American flag by use of the plea for some form of social justice.  He replaces the warriors who have given up their lives to keep us free.

The question one must ask in the opening days of this civil war is how long will it take until there is truly a coordinated effort to defeat the antifas of the country?  President Trump’s election was the first volley in this counterattack, but it may not be enough.  If it is not enough the country will see much more blood and loss of life before one side emerges and truly subjugates the other.  The subjugation will not be pretty.  The liberal wealthy might want to study what is happening in South Africa where the white property owners are having their land stolen from them by the majority.  They may be actually caught in the middle—the left if it wins will take their wealth and the right if it wins will isolate and punish them for their positions.

The socialists might want to look at Venezuela where everyone is about to go hungry.

In short it may be that nobody wins in this civil war—not even the instigators.


  1. wiklm nestor says:

    Good try, but very one sided, I expected better of a person with your experience. This civil war, if that is want is not about socialism or about ABTIFA. It is about the systematic destruction of our country for profit, the abrogation of treaties, the promotion by the president of violent racism, the denial of facts and science, and the attempt to impose a religious state. You may get your civil war, and it will be those who want a future against those who sold their soul for a few dollars. You are on the wrong side. But as a republican still, which is what you are now, you will be ok for another two months


    • colonelbruce says:

      One of my friends said it best: “The lack of any clearly defined, supportable END STATE from my liberal friends is the biggest question I have for them. But always, before we get to that level of discussion we stop talking to each other?? I would love to hear a calm, polite(at least courteous) discussion of where they want to land.”
      Once that hurdle is tripped over take a look at who is really profiting from the jobs and lack of regulation. Then try on the data manipu.ation on such things as global warming. If you ever get through that please advise me and my readers what will happen in 2 months?


  2. Mf Reavey says:

    The lack of any clearly defined, supportable END STATE from my liberal friends is the biggest question I have for them. But always, before we get to that level of discussion we stop talking to each other?? I would love to hear a calm, polite(at least courteous) discussion of where they want to land.


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